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Crystal Dragon Metaphysical Incense

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(one 10 stick pack of incense)

Crystal Dragon Metaphysical Incense are composed of totally natural ingredients.
Their coconut charcoal sticks are imbued with aroma-therapeutically active natural perfumes compounded according to ancient Oriental formulas from ingredients derived from flowers, leaves, woods and resins.
When used with serious meditation they will achieve the desired result.

Our natural incenses are created from the finest herbs, woods, resins and floral extracts according to traditional formulations without the use of hydrocarbon derived fixatives or petroleum products. We use only high quality coconut charcoal adhered to bamboo slivers, with gum arabic as the adhesive, giving a superior natural product without the use of chemical synthetics. Our perfume oils are the finest obtainable. We buy from the famous perfume fields of France, Morocco, the middle East, India, South Africa, and Nepal.

At the Dragon Herbarium, we make and package our own incense, thus maintaining high quality control. There are 10 sticks per package & each stick burns about 45 minutes. 


Ascended Master (For invoking celestial intelligence’s)
Aura Cleansing (To purify and cleanse one's aura)
Chakra Balancing (To purify activate and balance one's chakras)
Crystal Clarity (Brings clarity to the mind during meditation)
Divination (For use during any divinatory process)
Gentle Grounding (For grounding and centering)
House Blessing (For summonsing positive influences into your home)
Inner Balance (To establish balance and peace within oneself)
Khyphi (Egyptian sacred oil of the Sun - healing of self and others)
Red Lotus Blend (Spiritual awakening and exaltation)
Spirit Guide (To summons one's Spirit Guide)