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Soulful Samhain 🎃🔮

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Soulful Samhain 🎃🔮

Before Halloween was celebrated as a holiday for dressing up as your favorite role model and collecting candy from all the neighbors, it was honored as a time for recognition of the final harvest of year. Known as Samhain by our Celtic ancestors, this was a time when our God sacrificed life in the form of our animals to ensure us all food and survival for the dark days of winter. It is for this reason many feel that the veil between the physical and etheric realms are quite thin on Samhain. Naturally, we feel closer to our ancestors during this time of darkness. So let this holiday be a beautiful opportunity with friends and family to share our respects for the delicate cycle of life and death, as well as our ancestors who have taught us their precious wisdom.  Drinking apple cider spiced with cinnamon is one common tradition to honor those who have past. You can also try burying an apple or pomegranate in the garden as food for spirits passing by on their way to being reborn.  

There are a few staple botanicals and herbs which are commonly associated with this lovely holiday. Mugwort, a very magical and medicinal herb with a long connection to Samhain, is most commonly used for clairvoyance, scrying, dreamwork and protection.  Rosemary is used for remembrance of our ancestors. Mullein seeds are known to aid in manifesting abundance.  Calendula, sunflower petals and seeds, pumpkin seeds, turnip seeds, apple leaves, sage, mushrooms, wild ginseng, wormwood, tarragon, bay leaf, almond, hazelnut, passionflower, pine needles, nettle, and garlic are a few other common botanicals used for ritual during this tradition.

A fun little fact someone told me recently, witches once gave one another acorns as gifts on Samhain. During the Burning Times, giving someone an acorn was a secret means of telling that person you were a witch. Acorns are fruits of the oak, one of the most sacred trees to the ancient Celts. They are symbols of protection, fertility, growth, values, and friendship. 

There are some specific oils and blends that may also offer a flick of magic to your evening ritual. Here at Dragon Herbarium, we are happy to share a unique Samhain Oil blend (anointing oil for the feast of Samhain), a Bewitching oil (powerful oil used to attract, enchant and bewitch). 

For an added boost to your manifesting power during Samhain, try our Crystal Journey Black Cat Candle made with Clove Essential oil. This can be used to rid evil spirits and invite good luck.


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