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Homemade Health-conscious Gifts for the Holidays 🍃🎁🙏💕

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Homemade Health-conscious Gifts for the Holidays 🍃🎁🙏💕

With another magical holiday season just around the corner, now is a wonderful time to start planning the ways in which we would like to share a little piece of our essence with the ones we love. Homemade gifts can go a long way to spread the message of love and appreciation.  Gifts that are created by hand with trusted ingredients are personal, practical, and environmentally gentle as well. For our community, the Dragon Herbarium has a few health-conscious gift-giving suggestions to help guide us, however one may chose to celebrate their beliefs and blessings this holiday season!

Aromatherapy Candles

A homemade aromatherapy candle is the perfect way to capture the essences of the season, as they can be enjoyed and shared for hours on end. This is the kind of gift that can set the stage for peace and relaxation before any busy holiday celebration. Cinnamon, Clove, Cedar, Eucalyptus, Orange, and Pine make a delightful winter elixir. 
- Ingredients -
Essential oils (1 tspn each)
Wicks (cotton or hemp string)
Glass jars (canning jars)
Glass bowl for melting the wax
stock pot & stove


  • Place the beeswax into your dedicated container/glass bowl. Place the bowl inside a stock pot filled half-full with water. Simmer over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally as it melts.
  • Add in about 1 teaspoon of each essential oil you would like for aroma-therapeutic effect. 
  • Place a dab of glue at the bottom of the wick to secure it centrally on the bottom of the jar.
  • Curl the wick around a small dowel to keep it from tipping over.
  • Pour the melted beeswax into the jar, leaving one inch of room at the top. Set the jars aside and allow them to cool and set completely.
  • Trim the wick, light, and enjoy your homemade beeswax candles, or package up and gift to a friend or family member for the holiday! 
  • One pound of beeswax equals approximately 20 ounces in volume, about four small mason jars. Thankfully, the recipe is very flexible, so if you have more or less beeswax, simply fill more or less containers! 

Thieves Home Cleaning Spray 

The Historical Story of the Four Thieves
According to the Midwest Native Skills Institute, when the Black Plague hit Europe and Eurasia in the mid 13th century, all international shipping and trade was shut down. Unable to do business, traders and merchants quickly ran out of money and had to find creative ways to support themselves in order to survive.  People in the communities were afraid to touch the dead bodies in all of the homes. Spice traders from India, however, armed with vinegar, oils, and certain spices, including cinnamon and clove supposedly, decided to loot the homes and bodies of the plague victims. They would take clothes, jewelry, pots and pans, and then barter or trade them for food and money. They believed they wouldn’t get sick if they used these botanical elements for protection, and as it turns out, luckily for them, they were correct!  The spice traders were able to set up a very lucrative pawn business. Until the King found out… When the King heard about their story, of course he wanted to know their secret.  He sent his constables out to capture them. Four of these thieves were caught and brought before the King. He gave them a choice to share their secret formula of immunity or be burned at the stake, and so the four thieves shared the formula with the King. The King then posted the thieves immune elixir all over the town.  This is the story of Thieves Oil blend. To this day, as it were, there remains an account of the Four Thieve's story recorded in the Royal English Archives. 

 - Benefits & uses of Thieves Oil -
Diffusing, spraying, or cleaning with Thieves Oil in your home helps to disinfect and purify the air, eliminate odors, add a pleasant aroma, support your immune system, and support the healthy function of your lungs and sinuses.

 - Ingredients -
2 oz dark glass spray bottle
1 tsp organic witch hazel
10-15 drops Dragon Herbarium Thieves Blend (traditional Thieves blend of clove, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, and cinnamon bark essential oil)
Distilled water

  • Add 1 tea spoon of witch hazel, white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to glass spray bottle. 
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water. 
  • Mix in the Dragon Thieves oil blend. 

Botanical Bath Bombs

- Ingredients -
Small mixing bowl
1/2 cup citric acid
1/2 cup cornstarch or 1 cup tapioca starch
30 drops 1st essential oil
30 drops 2nd essential oil
30 drops 3rd essential oil
Spray bottle filled with water
Silicone mold
  • Mix together the baking soda, citric acid, and cornstarch, breaking up any lumps.
  • Slowly add essential oils and mix. Give the mixture a spritz of water, and then stir. Continue stirring and adding water until the mixture resembles wet sand.
  • Press into silicone molds, and let set until dry. This can take up to eight hours.
  • Carefully pop out of molds and enjoy or gently wrap as a gift!

Blissful Body Butter

- Ingredients - 
1/2 C. coconut oil (required ingredient)
1/2 C. Shea butter
1 tsp vitamin E oil
  • Place all ingredients into a glass bowl.
  • Mix with a wire whisk for 10 minutes or until whipped into a light, airy consistency. An alternative option is to whip the mixture in your food processor.
  • Spoon the body butter into a glass jar and cover tightly. Store in a cool, dark place (in your cupboard should suffice).
  • Apply by massaging body butter into your skin after you have toweled off from your bath or shower.

Medicinal Tinctures 

Medicinal tinctures are a meaningful gift to share with others due to the fact that our winter holidays tend to overlap with cold and flu season.  A few of our favorite herbs that are great for immunity and easy to extract from dry bulk include Echinacea, Elderflower, Elderberry, Oregon Grape Root, Pau D'Arco and St. John's Wort
- Ingredients - 
Mason jar
Amber bottles & dropper

  • Harvest, clean, and verify proper herb identification. Once the herb is prepared, chop or grind it.
  • Fill 2/3 of a clean mason jar with chopped leafy herb. If tincturing roots, only fill 1/3 of the jar with chopped root. Dried roots will expand.
  • Pour vodka to the top of the jar, completely covering the herb. Label your jar with the date, name of the herb, part used, alcohol strength, and herb source.
  • Allow to extract for 6 to 8 weeks, shaking jar often. Strain the herb with cheesecloth and squeeze any remaining liquid back into the extract.
  • Bottle the liquid in amber bottles to minimize exposure to sunlight and label.
  • Enjoy your homemade herbal extracts! 

Elderberry Syrup

Elder flowers and elder berries are both commonly used today to provide relief at the onset of upper respiratory infections, tonsillitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, colds, and flus, all of which tend to increase in rate during the Winter season. This recipe for elderberry syrup from Mountain Rose Herbs is both potent and delicious! 
-Ingredients -
4 cups cold water
2 cups organic dried elder berries
1 organic cinnamon stick
1 tsp fresh grated organic ginger root or organic dried ginger root
1 cup raw, local honey (or organic agave syrup for a vegan recipe)
1 cup vodka or brandy (optional)
  • Combine the berries and herbs with cold water in a pot and bring to a boil.
  • Reduce heat and allow herbs to simmer for 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and mash the berries in the pot.
  • Strain the berries and herbs through cheesecloth and squeeze out liquid.
  • Add honey and gently heat mixture for a few minutes. Do not boil!
  • Turn off heat and let cool slightly.
  • If using, add alcohol and stir until well combined.
  • Bottle in sterilized glass.

    Spiced Salt Gift Set

    Salt variety sets make a tasty and thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one who enjoys getting creative in the kitchen during the holidays. Select your choice of salts, spices, and herbs to make unique custom blends and fill mini salt shakers with each. (New at the Herbarium)

    Tea Blend Gift Set

    Create personalized tea blends for friends and family from a wide selection of organic and wild-crafted herbs at Dragon Herbarium.  Need help with the proportions of your herbs? Feel free to come on by or give us a call! We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about your healthy homemade gift ideas! 


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